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Beaches in Asia

We love beaches, despite their many inconveniences. A beach always feels like the ultimate escape. Why? Is it an evolutionary

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Best European Destinations

Looking for a holiday destination?

Whether you want to have romantic gateway, family outing, beach day, cultural trip, or go alone with friends, Europe has everything to offer to you. In this article we have mentioned cheap holiday destination Europe.

  • Budapest, Hungary – It is one of the most loved destinations by the travelers. It has rich architectural and historical heritage. The pearl of Danube is one of the safest cities in the world. It offers the elegance of Paris, charm of Porto, and many more places. You can visit Buda castle or just walk on the Buda streets.
  • Braga, Portugal – It is sparkling, charming and full of life. It has a friendly and warm environment. It has attractive shopping streets. You can walk on the Bom Jesus do Monte. It has many events happening throughout the city which can make you dance, move, and have fun. Braga is for lovers, foodies, history buffs, adventurers. You will find beauty in every place of Braga.


  • Monte Isola, Italy – It is located on Lake Isola, just 2 hours from Milan. It is a great mountain emerging in the middle of a beautiful lake. The place is awarded for sustainable tourism and for the maintenance of local production. It attracts families, hikers, lovers, who want o relax themselves and feel authentic. It is one of the cheap holiday destination Europe. It is a paradise for gourmets.
  • Metz, France – It is the trendiest destination in Europe. Investors, Start up, young designers have settled in Metz. It is a combination of shopping street and riverside walks. It has parks, cafes, bars for hanging out with family and friends. The food here is very awesome.


  • Poznan, Poland – If you love history than this place is for you. It has old town hall, huge medieval like castle and colorful facades of Stray Rynek. It is the greenest city in Poland. It hosts the best music festival. Ice sculpture festival is very famous in this city. If you want to go on a romantic trip or family trip this place is best for both.

Europe will always surprise you with the best places to visit. You just need to find the cheap holiday destination Europe. You need to decide that what you would love to do in your trip, that will automatically decide your destination. We hope this article will help you to decide your next trip for Europe.