Ebola Cruise Incident

Ebola Cruise is a term recognized by a huge portion of the population over at Mexico and Texas. If you don’t know the incident that led to the creation of this term, this is a must-read for you.

In October 2014, a Carnival Cruise Line unit named the Carnival Magic was waiting to be boarded by the final passenger. Among the passengers was a nurse who had handled Thomas Duncan, an Ebola patient. Thomas Duncan lost his life, and it was known that the healthcare worker who attended Thomas Duncan also handled a sample of Thomas’ blood. The word soon got out, and then came a string of events that had the world’s eyes for weeks.

After the word got out, there was sheer panic inside the cruise. The cruise attempted to dock the ship in Mexico which denied the permission for the cruise to find safe harbor in Mexico. The next option was Belize, but the cruise ship find no luck their either. It is also rumored that one of the two targets also commented that the ship was a floating “petri dish”. CDC got involved and the healthcare worker was thoroughly quarantined inside her room. There was a very low risk of the unnamed woman of being a victim of Ebola virus. The woman had shown no symptoms whatsoever and the 21 days of incubation period of Ebola was also almost over. Returning to Texas, the woman was examined in Galveston County Health Authority, and was found to be clear from any danger.