As concerns grow about environmental sustainability, many travelers are now searching for more eco-friendly travel options. According to a study by Mandala Research, in just the past three years alone, 60 percent of U.S. travelers have taken a “sustainable” trip, a growing trend that hospitality industry professionals aren’t taking lightly.

Many hotels and resorts around the world are now adopting greener practices to not only satisfy customer demand, but also meet other important business goals. Here are just some good reasons your hotel should take a closer look at implementing green policies and practices.

Going Green Saves Hotels Green

Adopting energy and water-saving hotel practices can greatly reduce both energy and water consumption — which can mean lower operational costs for you.

For example, simply swapping out standard incandescent light bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs can help your hotel save on electricity costs in the long term. Standard incandescent light bulbs use 60 watts of electricity, while LED light bulbs use just 6 to 8 watts of power. LED bulbs can also last up to 25 times longer than standard light bulbs even while emitting the same amount of light.

As for reducing water consumption, many hotels are now implementing water conservation programs. By installing low flow faucets and aerated shower heads, Caesars Entertainment saved 50 million gallons of water on a selection of its U.S. properties between 2008 and 2013. This water-saving initiative, combined with an employee education program, a towel reuse program, installation of water-saving laundry equipment, and other conservation improvements helped Caesars save $1.5 million in water costs over the course of five years.

Eco-Friendly Policies Boost Hotel Performance

If you haven’t applied environmental policies in your hotel, you may want to start sooner as opposed to later. These policies can help your hotel and staff adhere to a higher standard of care. According to a study by Harvard Business School, businesses that employ environmental, social, and governance policies perform better than those that don’t have these policies in place.

Environmental guidelines and procedures can also help protect your business and the well-being of travelers by ensuring that your hotel’s natural surroundings are beautifully preserved for guests well into the future.

Sustainability Improves Customer Loyalty

As today’s eco-conscious consumers seek out the best sustainable hotels, they also want to help these business grow. When your hotel applies green practices, your values will align with many of your customers’ ideals, which can lead to a number of loyal brand advocates.

Harvard Business Review states that 64 percent of consumers remain loyal to brands that share their personal values. So, if your hotel goes green, your eco-conscious customers will likely return, and also be more apt to refer friends and family.

How Commercial Water Filtration Systems Help Hotels Go Green

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to offer your hotel guests drinking water, consider installing a commercial water filtration system. Not only can water filtration systems and dispensers help your hotel save money in the long term, they can also help your business conserve water and energy, plus lessen your hotel’s carbon footprint.

Commercial water filtration systems are designed to hook directly into your hotel’s existing water supply, allowing staff and travelers to easily fill reusable water bottles or glassware with clean, filtered drinking water on-demand.

Hotels should be thinking about going green for a host of reasons. From appealing to eco-conscious consumers, to saving money on energy costs, implementing eco-friendly solutions in your hotel can greatly benefit your bottom line and help you prepare for a bright future in sustainable tourism.


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