While you’re out and about in this scenic land, make sure you know where to head for a perfect party time with your friends. From ghost hunting tours to all night cafes and fancy restaurants, take a look to know what all awaits you here! Spending a fun night out in Delhi will surely rejuvenate you.

  • Nightclubs – Dance The Night Away
  • Lounges – Experience Delhi’s Extravagant Bar
  • Music Locales – Visit Hippest Music Venues
  • Liquor Stores – Grab Your Favorites!
  • Dining – Choose From A Wide Range
  • Street Food – Try The Yummiest Dish
  • Home Delivery Options – Order From Your Favorites
  • Road Trips For Food Near Delhi – Try The Best Faraway Places
  • Late Night Movies – Enjoy Romantic Late Night Show
  • Games – Pick The Best Joints
  • Night Walks – Explore The City’s Dark
  • Night Sky Gazing – Stunning Views Of The Night Sky
  • Sunrise Spots – Escape From The Hustle Of The City
  • Ghost Walks – For Daring Souls

1. Nightclubs – Dance The Night Away

There are plenty of nightclubs in New Delhi along with late night hangout places in Delhi. The Delhi nightlife is known for one of the best party cultures in India alongside Bangalore & Mumbai. There are numerous nightclubs in Delhi with feet tapping music, booze, & awesome ambiance. Listed below are some of the best nightlife places in Delhi that are the safest party junctions in the city, redefining the meaning of fun for you.

1. Ghungroo
USP: Delhi’s favourite nightlife hub since the 90s.
Location: ITC Sheraton, Chanakyapuri
Timings: 10:30 pm onwards

2. Agni
USP: The glamour and the glitter
Location: The Park Hotel, Connaught Place
Open till: 12:30 am

3. Kitty Su
USP: The enormous dance floor
Location: The Lalit, Connaught Place
Open till: 12:30 am

4. Raasta
USP: An energetic, fun environment & the exotic range of cuisines- European, Thai, Mexican
Location: Cyber Hub

2. Lounges – Experience Delhi’s Extravagant Bar

You haven’t lived fully if you haven’t experienced Delhi’s extravagant bar hopping scene. For people who want to simply chill with friends with a beer in hand and great music around, here are the best night clubs in Delhi. A fun nightlife in Delhi is incomplete without these cosy spots around. If you want to experience nightlife in South Delhi, then you’ll have ample of options in lounges there.

1. AM PM Café
USP: The posh terrace ambience
Location: Rajouri Garden

2. Lights Camera Action – Air Bar
USP: An exciting blend of food and Bollywood
Location: Rajouri Garden

3. Fork You
USP: Customised burgers & cocktails
Location: Hauz Khas Village
Open till: 12:30 am

4. Hauz Khas Social, Hauz Khas
USP: The amazing range of cocktails and the classy atmosphere
Location: Hauz Khas Village
Open till: 1 am

5. My Bar Headquarters
USP: The heaven of inexpensive alcohol
Location: Connaught Place
Open till: 1 am

6. Mocha Arthouse Cafe
USP: Great food among great artwork
Location: Vasant Kunj
Open till: 1 am

7. Turquoise Cottage
USP: The delightful cuisines and rooftop seating
Location: Kamla Nagar
Open till: 1 am

8. S Bar & Restaurant
USP: A great combination of booze & Sufi music
Location: Greater Kailash 1
Open till: 12:30 am

9. Kylin Sky Bar
USP: Drinking under the stars (rooftop seating)
Location: Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj
Open till: 12:30 am

10. The Library
USP: Cosy surroundings and awesome cocktails
Location: The Leela Palace, Chanakyapuri
Open till: 1 am

11. The Beer Cafe – Biggie
USP: Probably the most enormous variety of beer you’d ever find in Delhi
Location: Connaught Place
Open till: 1 am

12. Soi 7
USP: The most tempting beers brewed on-site
Location: Cyber Hub
Open till: 1 am

3. Music Locales – Visit Hippest Music Venues

Friends and music are the best remedy to help kill the stress of work. Which is why, Delhi has some of the coolest and hippest music venues for music lovers of all kinds for the best nightlife in Delhi for singles. From live band performances, karaoke nights, to soft music playing in the background, Delhi nightlife has it all. There are many places where can spend the best nightlife in Delhi.

1. Hard Rock Café
USP: Live band performances by rising bands across the country
Location: Saket
Open till: 12:30 am

2. Hybrid
USP: Different kinds of music events almost every day, as in, a Sufi Night one day and a DJ Night the next.
Location: Janpath
Open till: 12:45 am

3. TLR: The Living Room
USP: A rooftop cafe with a pretty decor and laid back background music to enjoy your food with
Location: Hauz Khas
Open till: 1 am

4. TC Bar & Restaurant
USP: Karaoke Nights and heavy rock music
Location: Connaught Place
Open till: 1 am

4. Liquor Stores – Grab Your Favorites!

We can’t even imagine best nightlife in Delhi without booze. It is an essential ingredient. It’s difficult to find a good shop selling alcohol at night in the NCR region, but not if you know where to look! The best of thekas are open till midnight and some even have posh shacks alongside them so that people can sit, drink, and discuss crazy life stories with friends and experience the best of New Delhi nightlife! After all, nightlife in Delhi for singles can be best experienced with a bunch of good friends and a pint!

Safety Alert: Don’t drink and drive. Besides, an overdose of booze can spoil your entire night that could otherwise have been fun and exciting.

1. Discovery Wine
USP: The best range of wines
Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

2. Knight Riders
USP: A posh liquor shop and dining place alongside
Location: Sikanderpur Metro Station
Reviews & Ratings

3. Wine Hub
USP: The finest quality wine in NCR
Location: Sector-31, Gurgaon

4. Area 69
USP: A quaint eating joint attached to this decent liquor shop
Location: Ardee City, Gurgaon

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5. Dining – Choose From A Wide Range

The interiors of a lavish restaurant in Delhi

Willing to shell some extra bucks for getting the best dining experience? Check the below list to know about the best places to eat in Delhi. With lavish surroundings, awesome ambiance and the most scrumptious of cuisines, nightlife places in Delhi has a wide range of options.

1. Bukhara
USP: The home of the ‘world’s best daal!’ (Dal Bukhara)
Location: ITC Maurya, Sardar Patel Marg
Open till: 12 midnight

2. Yellow Brick Road
USP: The YBR Mixed Grill & Bull’s Eye
Location: Taj Vivanta, Khan Market
Timings: 24 hours open

3. Olive Bar & Kitchen
USP: The Mediterranean food, especially the Classic Ceasar Salad & Seafood Rissoto
Location: Mehrauli
Open till: 12:30 am

4. Sevilla- The Claridges
USP: Among the most romantic & beautiful restaurants in Delhi
Location: Aurangzeb Road
Open till: 12 midnight

6. Street Food – Try The Yummiest Dish

You haven’t visited the best night out places in Delhi, if you haven’t tried it’s overly tempting and highly unhealthy range of street food. Apart from catering to the elite species in the city, nightlife in Delhi also caters to people who do not wish to spend huge amounts on food, but still want the best out of it. Here are some of the best places to try street food in Delhi at night for the times you crave sumptuous delights!

1. JNU Dhaba
USP: Delicious double egg rolls, chicken rolls, & butter chicken
Location: Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mehrauli Road
Open till: 2:30 am

2. Jama Masjid
USP: The kebabs and biryani
Location: Chandni Chowk
Open till: 4 am

3. Jain Chawal Wale
USP: Finger-licking rajma chawal
Location: Connaught Place
Open till: 1 am

4. Moolchand Parantha
USP: Butter-dripping paranthas
Location: Lajpat Nagar

5. Bun-Butter-Chai
USP: The buns with butter, & of course, chai!
Location: DU North Campus, Patel Chest
Open till: 5 am

7. Home Delivery Options – Order From Your Favorites

Too lazy to go out and eat? Worried about safety issues when it comes to eating out in Delhi at night, but also wanna get rid of those nasty hunger pangs? We’ve got you covered. Order food from the most favourite and most trusted services in Delhi that deliver amazing delicacies even till 3 am in the morning!

1. Midnight Munchies
USP: The pizzas and rolls
Contact details: 011 – 41034433
Open till: 1:30 am

2. Batman Delivers (Gurgaon)
USP: Chicken Biryani & Butter Chicken
Contact details: +91 9910099925
Open till: 5 am

3. MR.D- Deliciousness Delivered
USP: Famous for its Chinese, Italian, & Lebanese meals
Contact details: 011 33105694
Open till: 3 am

4. Baking Bad
USP: The wood fired pizzas
Contact details: 011 49052050; 011 49052060
Open till: 4 am

8. Road Trips For Food Near Delhi – Try The Best Faraway Places

Who said road trips only take you places? They can also take you to your favourite food! Start your engines and get to these awesome faraway places to gorge on some lip-smacking paranthas and burgers and experience Delhi nightlife like never before.

1. Murthal
USP: The paranthas laden with white butter
Location: Sonepat, Haryana
Distance from Delhi: 59 km (1 hour 50 mins)
Timings: 24 hours open

2. McDonalds
USP: A fun drive down to your favourite burgers and wraps
Location: NH8, Manesar
Distance from Delhi: 41.8 km (1 hour)

9. Late Night Movies – Enjoy Romantic Late Night Show

Nightlife in Delhi, India isn’t all about parties, booze and food, right? If you want to enjoy a romantic late night show with your beloved, we have a list of some of the best theaters in Delhi that usually have shows running late into the night. Time to plan that late night movie date?!

  • D.T. Star Cinemas, Saket
  • D.T. City Centre, M.G. Road
  • MovieTime, Pitampura
  • Satyam Cineplex, Patel Nagar

10. Games – Pick The Best Joints

If you’re not a party animal but love some great music & pool and want this at the wee hours of the night, we have handpicked the best places to visit in Delhi at night for you which you can pick over party places in Delhi! Think of playing a little pool or go bowling at in the night between 11 pm to 1 pm with your friends and make it a night worth remembering. Below is this list:

1. Monkey Bar
USP: Pool and booze
Location: Connaught Place
Open till: 12 midnight

2. BluO
USP: Best place in Delhi for Bowling
Location: Ambience Mall, Gurgaon

3. Underdoggs Sports Bar & Grill
USP: Pool and live screening of matches
Location: Golf Course Road, Gurgaon
Open till: 1 am

11. Night Walks – Explore The City’s Dark

Well, yes, most of you wouldn’t have expected a night walk in Delhi, right? If nightlife for you means exploring the city’s dark, secluded paths, you must venture out on a night walk with your friends or beloved at these amazing places and witness how beautiful and peaceful the city looks during such late hours.

1. India Gate
USP: Splendid view of the India Gate with Ice-cream and chuski

2. Streets of Shahjahanabad
USP: Hot cups of chai & a walk on the long, historical roads
Location: Old Delhi

3. Parthasarathy Rocks
USP: A perfect spot for love birds
Location: Jawaharlal Nehru University, Mehrauli road

Safety Alert: If you’re willing to take a long walk on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road, make sure you’re with your gang, as the place is considered unsafe for couples, unless they’re ‘driving’ down the road & not ‘walking’.

12. Night Sky Gazing – Stunning Views Of The Night Sky

Those of you wondering how the hideously polluted NCR provides opportunities for sky gazing, get ready for a revelation! There are brilliant places in and around Delhi that provide stunning views of the night sky and a fascinating experience for those who’re into Night Sky Photography. You can expect experiencing an amazing nightlife in Delhi NCR.

1. Damdama Lake
Location: Gurgaon

2. Grounds near Lotus Temple
Location: Bahapur

3. The abandoned Mining Zones
Location: Sohna Road, Gurgaon

4. Astroport Sariska
Location: Alwar (a 4 hour Road Trip from Delhi)

13. Sunrise Spots – Escape From The Hustle Of The City

Hold on! Your night out isn’t over yet! After spending an entire night out on the streets of Delhi, how can you go back home without witnessing the first light of the dawn? This heavily populated and industrialized urban centre has places that provide awesome views of the daybreak that make nightlife in Delhi all the more happening and that you just cannot miss on your adventure.

1. India Gate

2. Lotus Temple
Location: Bahapur

3. Aravalli Biodiversity Park
Location: Mehrauli-Gurgaon road

14. Ghost Walks – For Daring Souls

Did you see this coming? The daring souls out there, if you are someone who is inspired by ghost stories and who wants to take ‘adventure’ to an ultimate level, go for Ghost Walks in the many haunted places of Delhi and explore the scary, deep, dark secrets of the past.

1. Jamali Kamali
Location: Mehrauli

2. Karbala Graveyard
Location: BK Dutt Colony

3. Sanjay Van
Location: Vasant Kunj

4. Feroz Shah Kotla Fort
Location: Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg


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